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"I loved my headshot session with Isabella. My pictures are the best I've ever taken!"

"Thanks for the beautiful pictures. I love them and my agent loves them."

"Isabella is such a caring, friendly and passionate photographer. It shows in every picture she took of my baby. She is such a pro and so in tune with everyone in the room. We had an amazing session. Can't wait to go back to her for more pictures of our little one."

"With my new pictures, I've been getting a lot more auditions than with my previous headshots. I can't ask for more from a photographer."

"It's just a matter of time before Isabella is going to be a sought-after photographer. She's super talented, and very passionate about her craft."

"My agent is super excited about these pictures, and she's never excited about my pictures."

"Thank you, Isabella, for such amazing photos. I just booked my first commercial with my new headshots! Yeay."

"My agent loves my new headshots. I just spent $700 to get new pictures and I didn't like any of the shots. Isabella cost half the price and I have so many great shots, I don't know how to choose."

"I never thought I'd feel so comfortable pregnant and without clothes as I did in Isabella's studio during our shoot. She made me feel relaxed and treated me like gold. I felt like a celebrity at a shoot. She really brought out the best in me that I will forever cherish, and at the end I felt like I had spent time with a long lost friend. Isabella is amazing."

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Testimonial Text

Testimonial Text

5-look headshots

“Getting new headshots is typically a stressful time for an actor/actress because you are investing a lot of money and therefore need these photos to be outstanding. Isabella is extremely kind and compassionate about her work and provides a very friendly atmosphere that will make you feel at home. Not only is she fun to work with, but her excitement about getting you the best headshots possible pumps you up, and the finishing product is amazing. I have spent hundreds of dollars on headshots with name photographers that turned out horrible, but Isabella is affordable and her photos live up to the pros because she takes her time with each client in order to get the best shots you need.” -- Thank you for all your handwork. My agents love your photos, and I was sent out three times this week, which has never happened to be before.

5-look head shots session

"Isabella is the most fun and most engaging photographer I've ever worked with! She brought so much out of me that I didn't expect a photographer to do. She gave me great notes throughout and it shows in the final product. Great pics. Thanks Isabella."

Headshots Photography

"I had the most amazing experience shooting with Isabella. I love my pictures. My agent loves my pictures. My manager loves my pictures. I am so glad my agent recommended her."

2-look head shots

"Isabella rocks. Fantastic experience getting new head shots. I'm getting in to more rooms since shooting with her."

Headshots Session

"Isabella did a great job in telling me not to model but to act in front of the camera. I used to always feel like I'm supposed to pose, but with Isabella I felt like an actor on a set. I really got to feel stuff that shows in all my new great pics. Thanks Isabella! I will see you again for sure."

5-look head shots session

"Isabella was amazing to work with - she really helps you take a picture that captures you as an actor, not just a smiling face. I would recommend her to anyone in the business!"

3-look head shots package

I found Isabella off LA Casting, and after looking at her website and carefully considering the packages she offered I decided to give her a shot; for which I am incredibly thankful. Isabella is friendly, professional, and one hell of a photographer. She was focused on finding out what type’s work best for my look, the work I’m interested in doing, and also provided a number of helpful suggestions that made me feel confident about the shoot. I felt completely comfortable in Isabella’s home, and was overall ecstatic with the end results. I’ve paid large sums of money previously for photos I wasn’t 100% happy with, but Isabella’s ranging packages were inexpensive, and left me overjoyed with the results. I’m thankfully to have finally found a photographer who catches my personality in the lens of a camera perfectly, and to finally have too many great photos of myself to pick from. Thanks again Isabella!