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About Isabella

 APRIL SPECIAL -- Only $270 for headshots (instead of $300)

 Thank you for visiting Isabella McNeill Photography. Located in Studio City, the majority of Isabella's clients are working actors at various stages of their careers. Isabella started out doing headshots in 2010, after picking up a camera and learning everything there was to learn about studio lighting. She began her craft doing maternity photos and fashion photography.  She very soon realized that because of her acting background, and her love and knowledge of the entertainment industry, what would come most naturally to her was to help actors get photos that represent them well, and that help them get more auditions and more exposure by casting directors.  After doing 1,000s of photo shoots, Isabella knows every nuance of headshots photography.  While she also loves photographing families and kids, her greatest expertise lies in capturing the essence of the actor, and bringing out of them them the characters they want to portray.  Isabella enjoys writing when she has time, and has produced and directed her own material, has worked for hire on sitcoms, and teaches acting to children in her spare time.  She is also a mom to two energetic and very busy boys, but she happily juggles work and family as photography gives her the creative outlet nothing else does.