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  • $350 for UP TO 2 hours(PILOT SEASON SPECIAL: $100 OFF = only $250!!). You can do as many outfit changes in that hour as you please. Usually 4-5 is ample.
  • Sessions are outside and inside using natural light. Various backgrounds and lighting are used to set the tone and mood of the photo.
  • Prices includes a creative fee, email or phone consultation with actor (and sometimes agent), a personalized session (photographer always helps pick optimal wardrobe for client) and 3 retouched photos. You will be able to view all photos online (with a password) and receive all high res pics on a USB drive.
  • Makeup artist is highly recommended for women and costs $85-$150 (depending on how many looks we need), and paid directly to the makeup artist at the time of session
  • Sessions can be outdoors or in-doors using professional studio lighting. Price depends on number of wardrobe changes, makeup changes, and hair changes and amount of time spent with photographer (1 to 2 hours)
  • These sessions can be "mommy makeover" sessions, can be professional business portraiture sessions (ideal for your web page or printed material), or just for fun to have beautiful pictures of yourself.
  • BABY AND KIDS PHOTO SESSION: $300 - $400 (depending on age, location and session length.)
  • Baby photo shoots start at age 3 months. This can be indoors using natural light, or in-studio with gentle, soft studio lights.
  • Once the baby can sit on her/his own, we can shoot outdoors in a park or my private back yard. Price depends on the age of the child, whether parents or other sibligs are included, and if there is travel involved for photographer. Please email for more info.
  • FASHION/GLAMOUR SHOOT: $300 - $500
  • Fee depends on how long the session will take and how many looks you want to achieve. Please contact me for more information on a custom-tailored sessions for your needs. If you are an aspiring model looking to build your portfolio, expect a 4-5 hour session. FOR THIS TYPE OF SHOOT, MAKEUP IS INCLUDED IN FEE! Photographer usually does hair for all my models/clients.
  • You will be able to review photos online and pick 5 favorites that I will professionally retouch. All additional retouching costs extra. You will receive all high resolution images on a flash drive plus TWO large prints (9x12 typically)
  • FAMILY PORTRAIT SESSION:$300 for family of 3, $350 for family of 4. Add $25 for each additional person thereafter.
  • Email with details. Sessions can be outdoors or in studio. Please add $25 for travel to your home or neighborhood. You will receive FOUR retouched photos and ONE 8x10 print.
  • Fee includes phone or email consultation, photographer's creative fee and any/all materials specifically included in your personalized photo session.
  • You will be able to review photos online and pick 4 favorites that photographer will retouch. You will also receive all images on a USB drive, plus ONE 8x10 photo and THREE 5x7 photos.
  • Price depends on number of looks you want, whether a significant other is involved, and if you also have other kids that will be a part of the shoot. Please email for more info.
  • You will be able to review photos online and pick 4 favorites that photographer will retouch. You will receive all pictures on a USB drive (flash drive). With a full-priced package, you get ONE 8x10 photo and THREE 5x7 photos.
  • We can use natural light or gentle studio lights depending on the location of our shoot
  • Sessions can be in my studio or home where I provide a very warm, cozy, friendly, clean environment for mom and baby, and include props, a glider for mom to sit on to nurse baby, and fabrics and/or blankets to use in photos. Please add $25 for travel to your home.
  • Package deal for maternity/newborn session: $600 if paid in advance!
  • Retouching: $15 for photos needing 15-20 minutes (light) retouching; $20 for photos needing 20+ minutes (heavy) retouching.
  • Retouching package deals: 5 photos for $50, 10 photos for $90.